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Unlocking seamless power

Compact & lightweight

Power that moves with you. Designed to seamlessly blend into your lifestyle, our devices ensure you stay charged without the burden of added weight.

No cables needed

Effortlessly charge without the need for messy cables. Simply plug in and let the power flow.

Instant power

No more overnight charging concerns. On-the-spot power without having to remember charging big traditional powerbanks.

Acts as a safety net

With Volty by your side forget the worry of your phone running out.

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Transforming on-the-go charging into an effortless experience

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One-time Use Powerbanks

Crafted for convenience, our disposable powerbanks provide a hassle-free charging experience. Compact and lightweight, these powerbanks are designed for on-the-go use. Simply grab one whenever you need a quick power boost, and dispose of it responsibly when done.

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Volty vs The Rest

A power play of unmatched convenience, setting a new standard for on-the-go charging.










You don’t need Volty until..



You’re lost in the vibrant chaos of a music festival, your phone battery plummets. Concern creeps in as you worry about missing out on connecting with friends or arranging a ride back home. This is where Volty appears, your festival hero rescuing you from the isolation of a drained device amid the frenzy of the festival scene.


unfamiliar places

You find yourself in an unfamiliar city, relying on GPS to reach your destination. As your phone battery drains rapidly, panic sets in. A Volty becomes your navigational lifeline, ensuring you don’t get lost in an unfamiliar place.


last-minute departures

You are in the mad rush of a last-minute departure, you suddenly realize both your phone and regular power bank are out of battery. Panic sets in. But hold on. You snatch up a Volty, your last-minute departure essential, providing an instant and reliable power source. Now, you can leave without stressing about a dead phone.


outdoor activities

You're deep into a marathon or an adventurous bike ride, the path stretching ahead. Your phone, crucial for tracking and tunes, is running low. Time for Volty to shine. Tucked in your pocket, it ensures your phone stays charged, letting you focus on the rhythm of your run or the thrill of the ride, unhindered by battery worries.



You're really enjoying your IQOS, savoring its rich flavors, and then, oops, the battery gives up. You reach out to your pocket and grab the Volty. Plug in. And in just a few moments, you're back to enjoying your time. Easy, quick, and no interruptions.


road trips

You are embarking on a scenic road trip, your car glides along endless highways. The playlist sets the mood, and GPS guides you forward. However, as miles roll on, your phone battery depletes. No need to worry; a compact Volty patiently waits in your car. When the low battery alert appears, you just reach for it, ensuring your journey stays charged.

Don’t JUst take our word…

Loved by thousands around the globe

I can't imagine life without Volty now. It's saved me countless times when my phone battery was running low, and I didn't have access to a charger. Plus, it's so easy to use and compact to carry around. Definitely worth the investment!

Alex S.

Verified Buyer

Volty has exceeded my expectations. I was skeptical at first about a disposable power bank, but it's been a lifesaver on numerous occasions. having Volty in my bag gives me peace of mind I needed.

Michael K.

Verified Buyer

Volty is my new travel buddy! It's lightweight, fits in my pocket, and provides a quick power boost for my devices. I never worry about running out of battery during long flights or sightseeing. Highly recommend for frequent travelers!

Elena P. 

Verified Buyer

On-the-go charging

Wherever life takes you

Fumbling for cables, plugs and energy?

Skip the hassle with Volty – your disposable power companion, always ready.

our promise

No more battery anxiety

Efortless charging

Fueling freedom,
one charge at a time


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One-time Use Powerbanks